RUBS or Ratio Utility Billing System calculates a resident’s portion of a utility bill based on occupancy, apartment, square footage, # of beds, are any combination of these factors.

There are many apartment communities whose utility configuration does not support installing submetering equipment. For example, a hi-rise apartment complex or some older condominium units often have more than 1 pipe bringing in water to a single unit. It wouldn’t make sense from a cost perspective to install several water meters to measure total water usage for reach residence for billing purposes.

In these situations, RUBS offers an excellent alternative that allows an owner to recover appropriate utility cost and increase cash flow at the property.

We use the Ratio Utility Billing System for our clients every month and have a seamless way to implement the RUBS system that makes life easier for both owners and tenants. Not only do we calculate the amounts to bill, we send out statements, so tenants are up to date with everything that needs to be paid with the rent.

If your community needs to implement a Ratio Utility Billing System, we can help you get started today.

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